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forest of souls – two disturbing souls lyrics


remember my riends these wars that were so viril, so pure.

remember this joy that made out of us proud carriers of armour.
do you remember the song of their words the joyfull power of our enthousiasm
? and our happiness seeing the joy and pleasure, raping the virgins of the
conquered countries.
let ‘s not speak anymore about the spirits that made peace rule their power
and that prevented any death caused purposly by a being.
and all this in the middle and in between the two kingdoms that had been
before the place of great fights.
and this knight that was the cause of this end.
oh yes ! i remember him, the idealist who knew the existence of this two
two small twins who died at an unknown moment, innocent and sweet, charming
and fiery
killed during a war when they were sleeping
so vengeance of wars was born in themselves.
little ghostly girls ruling over their castle and their big kingdom,
obliging peace to settle in the fortress, at the country side in the wood,
and over the routes, the mountains and the sites, the hills and the plains.
little spirits discovered by that knight, accepting this role that was
proposed to them.
this was made the tragedy which is ours for neverthless the arms don ‘t sing
their joy anymore.
remember, remember…
but our kingdom is waiting for the fight and victory. let ‘s hurry to take
our chess games for this is our new field of wars.