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forest stream – the crown of winter lyrics


as the legend comes true…
among the virgin snows we are her silent envoys
we make you dream
about what’s happened
long ago
so long ago…
i’ve seen you off by a vernal sunrise
to meet again in autumn dusk
and overcome with sudden uneasiness
a fine delight of my throbbing heart
be standing quiet, blessed with oblivion
inhaling the freshness of your enchanting cold
and feel this strange severe fondness
you grant me captured to behold
these calm and solemn snowfalls
in which i am drowning, revealing
that the death is no more
being lost from this earth
i am yet to be found
among the stars not known
“i am not the only one,
who drifts away into the might of this night
the decision’s yours so will you join me?
we could, if dared, defeat the height…”
– please go dance with me
before i fall asleep,
and teach me one more word of
your perfect tongue…
as you are the only one
i want to talk to
i wish to talk to
i’d like to talk to…
– you…
no! wait… i know. i’m doomed to talk to…
bring the crown!
bring the crown!
for a prince of this misery
in the glow of the northern lights
to become a true king…
and till the end of the time he’ll dwell unopposed
once being beheaded – forever be crowned…
i open heart for my eyes to see
the skies are crying turning grey
today i seem to fail to find the decent cause
that would persuade me to stay