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forthright (canada) - stereotype lyrics


it’s not what you think, your pretenses have made you out to be false
we’re not what they all call us
love, i said it all before and
i’ll say it once again
it’s the reason for all we believe in

before i fly
i’ll take the fall
and one more time
answer the call

i’m not a stereotype
i won’t tell you that you’re wrong
figure out for yourself what’s right
you’ve felt sick for too long now
but i’ve got the cure
i think it’s time for a change
i’m not a stereotype

don’t speak until you can be honest with yourself and with me
truth will clear you’re mind
i just want a fair shot to show you what it’s really all about
let the love carry you

i think it’s a sign…
i wish i could turn back the hands of time
but it’s too late for me, too late for me
to explore the possibility
too late for me, too late for me…

i think it’s a, i think it’s a, i think it’s a sign…

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