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four question marks – beyond tragic words lyrics


power, inexpressible force
dynamic activity
exhaustive realise
saturated excess
a real awakening, effective effusion
deep down into perennial
state, gate to the

stronger, out of proportion bliss
accurate intensity
chaotic access
step to the never seen, to
unknown dimension, third eye recollection
informations increasing, rate

exceeded pole, overcame
fragment, of mighty dogma
unbroken perfection, so far beyond tragic
strong expression. out of reach
hearing, made translator of
message delivery, order to forsake


rythmic accuracy, sounds made of purest stone
evidence so evident, excellence
to the right to the left, storm of increasing rythm
unalterable impulse ever flowing
source of the unknown, inexpressible force
excellence no excellent, evidence

unbroken perfection
increasing rythm
inexpressible force

brain overload
lost control
neurotic disturbance
saturate, activate
schizoȉd expression

beyond tragic words