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fr33style – attention! lyrics


[verse 1: fr33style]
attention! this is your princ-p-l speaking
about the principle reason why i’m invincible
and no, i’m not teasin’
oh, and did i happen to mention
that if you’re caught not paying attention
then you’ll be sent straight to detention
even then it’s not too late to learn your lesson
and that’s why i’m stressing this message!
yeah, school is back in session

[verse 2: fr33style]
huh, no wonder he’s using a speakphone, man he’s so phony
if he’s really as great as he thinks he is, guess he’ll have to show me
i say he’s just like our cafeteria food, all filled with baloney
man, i don’t even know why he’s here
i doubt he’ll last past the end of this year!
’cause i certainly don’t remember electing him
so i don’t see why anyone would expect me to respect him
he’s as wack as the -ssignments i won’t be completing
it even seems like his hairline’s receding
man, his message is gonna be so misleading
because it’s his control that i’m already depleting
in fact, the next time he tries to give one of them lectures
i’ll make a spectacle out of being disrespectful and hand him some gestures!

[verse 3: fr33style]
excuse me kid, i don’t see how you find this abusing to be amusing
do you even know what you’re doing and you’re accusing me of intrusion?
why can’t you realize i’m running this show?
i guess i’ll add that to the long list of things you’ll never know
kid, you’re just an amateur
only future you have is being sidekick to the janitor
you can try to test me, but i’m your only examiner
trust me, i got the power to kick you off these parameters
so just acknowledge i have the knowledge to make you vanish
you just got schooled on your own material
and now you’re banished from this campus
outsiders may look at the way i manage and say it’s outlandish
but all that anger i use to revamp is always for my advantage!
now sit down, and pay attention!