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frank zappa – it must be a camel (part 1, in session) [the hot rats sessions] lyrics


we’re rolling

“it must be a camel.” take 1. take 1

we’re rolling. 2

one, two, three, one, two . .

one . .

take 3

three, one, two . .

fz: another one, please . . . h-llo! one more, please

still rolling, this would be 4. 4

you know, […] before we go into the 4/4
fz: yes
you want me to fill it between those?
fz: hit ’em and them fill
fz: and also, you can fill more during the melody. and i can dig some p-ss— in the eight section all way around. withing the first eight bars especially

we’re rolling. take 4

oh, wait, there’s one more thing, uh, before the—

still 4. 4

one, two, three, two, three . .

fz: again, please. h-llo. john?
john: yeah
fz: p-sses. you know, should be like, uh, 32nd note raging monstrosity, you know, like, uh, destroy the mood completely
john: right
fz: okay?
john: yeah

rolling. 5. take 5

one, two, three, four, five . .

fz: h-llo?

rolling. take 6. take 6

fz: those, those fills are good. you can go even more so
john: okay

three . .
rolling. take 6
. . . four, five . .

fz: again. h-llo? just make sure when you come off you get right down tight to the beat
john: oh, you— okay

take 7. good old 7

one, two, three, four, five . .

fz: another start

take 8

two, three, four, five . .

fz: ah . .

rolling. this would be take 9. 9

fz: what? this is the atmospheric glide. you want— you want it removed?
yeah . .

rolling. take 9. 9

fz: on the top 40 of saudi arabia, “it must be a camel.”

take 9

one, two, three, four, five . .