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frankmusik – it’s over lyrics


[verse 1]
feeling down, feeling low
hoping i never know
one day you’ll know why i am this way
and tomorrow will come [?]
no i won’t, no i won’t let go
nothing for me here to hold on to now

it’s over, we lost our way
all colors, they wash away
going down in the end
is that what we always planed?
you know we could’ve tried to fight
you know we could’ve stayed alive
too soon
we lost it all to soon

[verse 2]
don’t let it take you in
come on and find my hand
i will always try to pull you back

but it’s over, we lost our way
all colors just wash away
giving up, giving in
now we don’t know what we’ve seen
you wouldn’t let me walk away
i always wanted you to stay

fate don’t work that way
i think our time just ends today
ooh, we tried

but it’s over, i lost my way
your colors just wash away
i’m going down in the end
is that why i always planed
you know we could’ve been alright
if i just put up a fight