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fred hammond – blessed lyrics



blessed, blessed, blessed, blessed

[verse 1:]
since thou has walked uprightly
as a light in a dark land
since thou has placed in thy heart
all the lord’s commands
he’s set thee above nations
and cast thine enemies away
he’s standing up within thee
so let me hear you say

we’re blessed in the city
we’re blessed in the field
we’re blessed when we come and when we go
we cast down every stronghold
sickness and poverty must cease
for the devil is defeated
we are blessed

[verse 2:]
now belive in still god only
with confidance in me
everything concerning the air
you’ve placed it in his hands
though hope spri up aginst me to try
and spoil the day
they share one room to get me
thought they cease in every way

we know that god’s word
is clothed in truth and righteousness
we are his children
and with our heart we do confess


[special vamp:]
late in the midnight hour
god’s gonna turn it around
it’s gonna work in your favor