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fred the faded – november 9th lyrics


[intro: fred the faded]
told the game got mad loveeee for you
got mad love for you
and when i paused this what the game told me (i love you more)
that’s what the game tolddddddd me

[verse: fred the faded]
how he came in with nothing and claimin’ he next?
i ain’t makin’ -ssumptions i’m puttin’ yours ta rest
fred recessitate the game i’m pa, pa, pumpin’ it’s chest
treat the bars like pumpkins, carve till i could set
them out, where anyone could find em
ta let em know he put in time before he finally rhymed em
align em, and refine ta golddd you would think he mined em
the craftsmenship’s mad legit, like somebody sign em
buy heyyy heyyy day they…
find out about him, time out!
i gotta take a breatherrr
tryna be a public speaker it’s a tough procedureee
still sittin’ in the bleachers doin’ free features
when they peep the score they really gon’ turn ta believers
the final whistle blow, and we up by like 54
hater’s speakin’ moe i tell em clear they hissy p-ssy throats
oh i’m not the winner? then there’s gotta be some missing votes
sh-t ain’t close, day he drop you gotta peep the income gross
like how a mixtape do movie numbers?
tryna get straight and live in comfort
i made some mistakes that couldn’t be dumber
i give em intakes and cure they b-mmers
i get ta rockin’ they hip hoppin’ like my homie thumper
d-mn b, was that a bambi reference?
i got plans of eatin’ scampi in grammy sections
a black shot, no vigilante stressin’
pray ta god, i just thank him, i don’t demand these blessins’
but you doooo
touchdown with the crew crew
celebrate like juju
we made of steeeeeel man i thought you knew dude
flow hot enough ta brew you
coffee or boil noo-doles
and k dot said you boo boo
what a time for more life, drake could feel my views too
sayin’ fred you got so much ta proveeee
might go kruger if you stay on snoozeeee
cause stayin’ broke’s my biggest nightmare it’s just the truthhhh
i’m on a hot pursuitttt to
hit up honoluuuuulu
jmoney go koooo koo!

[verse: originaljmoney]
how i let distractions stop me from wantin’ ta toast up with the posse?
man the flow gettin’ c-cky
fred gas it up like who the f-ck gonna stop me?
ion know who gon’ stop me
can you say who gon’ stop me?
tell the truth it ain’t no one that can do it
i planned it all i turned 16 and i had laid now the blueprint
i used ta bring home the f’s and that’s why the flow goin’ stupid
i prayed forgiveness and then forgave to you this cap & gown music
i swear…
i feel it in the air
know i could prolly count up on my fingers who care
the family loyal why the f-ck should i care?
i case that you weren’t aware
been in the stu like what the f-ck is fresh air?
don’t try ta sit on the throne cause we gon’ be pullin’ the chair
and as you fallin’ prolly realize whole time it was clear
the heirs arrived for they year
i talk a lot of sh-t but i don’t take sh-t, flush it down and get a better fragrance
what’s clear ta me
is the game is constantly movin’ in motion like the wii
made a vision wasn’t that hard ta see
moments we ran out of luck, set expectations that we saw as a must
so we been writtin’ for months
sat-rday mornings we would sit and discuss
that they’ll just eat they coco puffs till they go koo-koo for us
until that day we just gon’ learn and adjust
and i see that as a plus
cause if no one believes in us than it’s in god that we trust