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freddy guwap – no hook lyrics


waking up in life sh+t be feeling like a nightmare yeah

i’m bouta buzz on these dudes like a light year a light year anybody sneak dissin know im right here 99% got 2 9s but i don’t fight fair use to rap for fun but now i’m telling u my feelings doe

grab this gl!ck make it hershey kisses like misstle toe that’s what we got missles foe
a marathon the ops be running bl!ckathon we bl!ck em tho
catch me wit n0body circle smaller than a cheerio
im bouta ooou ouu k!ll em like a terio
mike jack billy jean ima smooth criminal

n+ggas throwing sub sub tweets but it’s subliminal got them pills med kit medical just might injure

you mortal kombat with sum extra combat bro will finish you
got shot in the lung ain’t lose my breath that sh+t impossible got a side kit that’s oss like kim possible
better give that chicken up or i put chicken pox on u
i just got the pop lock them n+ggas gave the drop on u come up on ya block convertible i drop the top on u

they like why u playing wit it turn it up a notch or two a notch or two feeling like i’m curry mix wit clay i got my shots on too you

don’t know who really wit u or that’s gone rock for u
might just get jiggy on a b+tch n hit my bop or two
catch me in the club throwing dubs and do the wap on u

man i lost soo many n+ggas no i cannot understand i just want my bands to break n stretch the f+cking rubber band

you don’t want me to get to talking bout the other hand rollie on wrist wit the gl!ck inside the hand
i can send you by bye wit them birdies out the mother land another land
when i get my first rose ima want another n+ggas really randy like a orton like a c+ntting ham
drum line wit the chop come down ya block n we can drum it out
it’s gone b a hot winter and a colder summer now u don’t wanna c the lighting n the booming thunder out
invest my pain into a bankroll so i can thumb it out

same sneaks all year but can’t say i ain’t bum it out

i pull sum heat on ya top just like a m+ffin now
they like guwap u get sum white out y the f+ck u blacking out
you don’t even know what all this anger and this passion bout only 19 should’ve slow down took a faster route i ain’t got no hook for it i been snapping out i ain’t got no hook for it u kno i been snapping out just call it no hook n+gga a n+gga really blacking out