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free will vibin – if i ruled the world freemix lyrics


if i ruled the world freemix

free will
if i ruled the world


there’d be a lot of overstanding hope you don’t go under
the truth will come and hit with a stone cold stunner
i’ma ride with my n-ggas proly die with my n-ggas
plotting on a billion you can slide if you with us
cuz you know we gona get it every way
people livin to die. we die to live it every day
you know somebody selling the herb in the sky with the birds
somebody working 9-5 they money drop on the first
no it ain’t always illegal when we flipping the work
you can spend a little something if you feeing the shirt
i can feel a rebirth coming on
know somebody feeling the words in this song
see if i ruled, i would buy you
and i wouldn’t neglect you. i would make you fly too
women get a feeling when they look at my crew
hope you ain’t offended by the things that i do


(if i ruled the world)
i would kick some
people of the planet if you want it come and get some
i don’t have a boss. maybe you’d be better with one
either way the outcome is gona be some income
(if i ruled the world)
imagine that
livin in a world where it’s all a matter of fact
see i don’t have a color and naw this ain’t a race
free willie got sisters and brothers all over the place yea

free will vibin