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french montana – lie to me lyrics


ayo n-gga, ayo fraud
these n-ggas always gon’ be financially frustrated
till you start making music like this n-gga
you n-ggas ain’t got no money, n-gga
cause you n-ggas always got time
n-gga i got money n-gga
i ain’t got time for you n-ggas

that sh-t is all game
you ain’t gotta lie to me, i don’t trust no ho
man you n-ggas is lame
why you tryna f-ck with me
what you n-ggas h0m-?
i wake up with your mom
she on e, is your bro
i got what you need
man you n-ggas is plain
you ain’t gotta lie to me, they don’t want you no mo

[verse 1: french montana]
you n-ggas piercin’ yo nipples on the angel dust
they say if money ain’t change you, you ain’t make enough
born a hustle, rap game new thing to me
you n-ggas ain’t even a quarter what you claim to be
on my way to the money i don’t hear a whisper
you n-ggas flies on me, i ain’t got the time homie
you drive expeditions, you need recognition
you want the whole world to stop and hear you rap and listen
you want to be 50, you want to be hov
you try come up overnight but you n-ggas broke
white v’s, white t, white b-tch slurpin’
them c0ke boys n-ggas working


[verse 2]
look, when you lookin’ at the city from the top, that sh-t is beautiful
it feels good this message is so musical
never hood-bound, i get around like a hula-hoop
top down, riding ’round, that’s the usual
these lil n-ggas all in my sp-ce
i would put my hands on ’em but that ain’t my taste
this motivation is money, my days wasn’t sunny
n-ggas still movin’ deep, charge 50 for the bunny
this cocaine all in my city, might catch ’em ridin’ ’round with a bad -ss bitty
to get flyer you gon’ need more than a set of wings
more f-cking problems, that’s where the sh-t is lame


[verse 2]
i don’t what it is or why n-ggas do the things they do
like we ain’t been settin’ fire to booths, my whole team is the truth
i advise you to get in a loop
get outta line or trust these c0ke boys to do what they do
who woulda knew that we’d be the savior of the city, if not
the whole new jeanie then the bronx gotta feel me
firin’ till they k!ll me, it’s hard to put ’em out
extinguisher is the works of alarms ringing out
water done dried up, but i got juice if you need it
that -ss wipe nuts so wanna woof, believe me n-gga
i’m who they believe in, n-gga
i’m driving a maybach and beamers, n-gga