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fresco aka yungshangsun – knightslikethis lyrics


i ain’t trynna hear it
like my name evander holy field
just evade these phony deals
f-ck what a jabroni feels
imma king and i recognize
in the ring is what i specialize
opting for the dome can’t identify
b-tch let me testify in my language
i ain’t afraid test the lies of your anguish
and if i languish, at least i made it thunder like im raiden
give some rain to my profin brothers now we reigning
products has a dream to make it patience
they hatin don’t be frightened if the fate of hip hop changes
where was you at despite them playin on these stations
slating now we creatin demi gawds in this. nation
look atchya you ain’t so tuff now
runnin that mouth like come come now
why y’all so dumb now
consume these rounds while i put my guns down
shaolin monk no sound like my name was kung lao

you ain’t so tuff y’all
choose the right trends
you ain’t so tuff now
before you life ends
you ain’t so tuff y’all
choose the right friends
you ain’t so tuff now
before you life ends

im not yo
average kid
runnin down the block
i got peace in my mind instead of runnin out in shock
i gotta master mine, just before i p-ss the rhymes
interact with all the gods i call that a mastered
wait, hold up, let’s make this official
these rappers out here frontin bout they money and they issues
they soul is artificial
and it’s cuttin though they tissue
suffocatin like a white belt in jui jitsu
aiming for the stars nah i’m aiming to the kiss the sun
i’m training my art to take my family places
dreams so amazin , that it ain’t even a statement
it’s the motto , coolin with my clique whipping an el dorado fat-ss condo
livin the shadows cause f-ck a spotlight
yo -ss scratchin yo head lookin at me c-ckeyed
but that eye on yo head needs attenticion
keep in mind that yo friends ain’t healthy ones