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frith hilton – hubble lyrics


[verse 1]
and it goes
and it goes
summer times on the road
where did my clothes go
i feel that i’m my own
bother and troubles
i feel that i’m my own hubble
and i’m looking at your
body, body, body girl
out there in outer sp+ce
you dazzle me
and i can’t
get you out of
out of my mind

[verse 2]
how you look so beautiful
how you’re looking so beautiful
how you were well to know
i must be blind
(i’m blind)
i know for sure
i must be on my last drive
and i’m hitting your way
your way, your way
[verse 3]
girl therapy
day your way will be the last cline
there’s no where further from this
further from you
i see nothing further from you
arriving at your home
i’ll find your place
i’ll find your address
and say i’m at the way

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