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from zero – horrors lyrics


who’s to blame if we don’t make a name
is it someone we didn’t know?
and we see that’s to be is to be
and even that’s still a big unknown
and if we try to be real
there’s a sense that i lose
just to get it right
i can’t believe you don’t see
that it’s me and not the ink
that you’re holding tight
well it’s my way this time
it makes me feel like i’ve moved from the back to front
and the choice is mine
so let me practice as to what i preach
running away it seems to be the only choice i ever come by
by getting my back against the wall you make me realize i’ve come this far
again and again you make me feel like something that i have is nothing
your taking your time but then you’ll realize that all of this has made you
look so complicting.yeah
we’re all just wh-r-s
a time, a place, a mood
but you won’t get it out of me
ya step, ya play, ya fool
i got the sh-t pouring’ out of me
it’s in the way that i think
and i follow what i think is very nesessary
so come on let’s a step up
want to find out what it’s like to be me
all these decisions
now who’s to believe?
it’s all contradiction
so who should i be?
cause your decisions
not my decision
so please just go away
we’re all just wh-r-s