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fruit bats – geek u.s.a. lyrics


lover, lover, let’s pretend
we’re born as innocents
cast into the world with apple eyes
to wish, wish dangerous
my dear delirious
to try and leave the rest of us behind

shot full of diamonds and a million years
the disappointed disappear
like they were never here

[verse 2]
kiss, kiss all of this
the hiss that we had missed
and understand what can’t be understood
sear those thoughts of me
alone and unhappy
i nеver liked me anyway

if by chancе
or circumstance
we should fail
don’t be so sad
in a dream, we are connected
siamese twins at the wrist
and then i knew we’d been forsaken
expelled from paradise
i can’t believe them
when they say it’s alright

[verse 3]
words can’t define what i feel inside
who needs them?
caught with this virus of my mind
i give in to my disease of my need

[verse 4]
she really loves to break
her dad says it’s ok
she really loves to break
her ma says she’s afraid
what more can she fake?
she really needs to break
and give herself away

she gave it all away
she gave it all away
she gave it all away
we really love the usa