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frzy – come back lyrics


come back

[verse 1: frzy]

yo welcome to my city, i’m home
i do it big, they ‘gon think that i’m grown
yo tom hanks, they won’t leave me alone
like samsung they still blow up my phone
i got my
i got my emmy
brought it back to that 4-1
2 ones
they like, you know ya boy won
now they say i’m 01

who’s messing with him in the rap game
no one
they want peace
man i buy it like a lease

and now i got a day with my name on it
picture that with no frame on it
now i’m the cool cat with the mane on it
that 1/11 they then put some stranger things on it

hey man
i’m fresher than ‘em
get ‘em
they wanna dim ‘em
but now it’s all we like venom
‘cause i got momentum
ya bro sure like tourism
that i’mma come back
‘cause the city needs him like some loose denim


[verse 2: frzy]

i said i came back and went on star 1
then conversed on the side like we starred one
a better day than that, that ‘gon be a hard one
maybe when i get the key, now i’m ready player one


then i got a gt
man that sh-t was free
i mean that sh-t was me
i mean that sh-t was everything it was supposed to be
the year ’19
that sh-t can’t even drink with me

and then free and wb
with y103
sold out a show in like 3
raised like 50g
for the ones we can’t see
then i lit up the place like they couldn’t see me

i went to schools that weren’t meant for me
to give back and not front what i’m meant to be
i’m finally in the race of pursuit of that liberty
‘cause they celebrated ya boy on liberty

don’t rain on my parade
‘cause it rained on my parade
third rapper in history
they ‘gon mention me
emmy in my hand
right where it’s supposed to be

love and respect from everybody that’s approaching me
3 points to anybody that’s been coaching me
p-g-h and everything in between
and i’ll come back like lebron in ’16
i’m mean