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ft bow wow chevy woods – tax it (ft. bow wow) – chevy woods lyrics


she wanna let me tax it, but i ain’t uncle sam
baby girl, it’s your song, tell the dj play your jam
keep them bottles comin’, we gon’ need about a hundred
them n-gg-s actin’ tough, they can get it if they want it
all night, all night, yeah we do this all night
tell your baby mama, yeah n-gg-, do this all night
all night, all night, yeah we do this all night
tell them hatin’–ss n-gg-s we gon’ do this all night

[verse 1]
yeah n-gg-, spendin’ what i made today in this b-tch
i can buy what i want ’cause i’m paid in this b-tch
all these hatin’–ss n-gg-s throwin’ shade in this b-tch
all my n-gg-s get to marchin’, yeah, parade in this b-tch (whoa)
tgod, yeah i’m a member (bang)
what this around my neck? oh, that’s just december
my jewelry cold, but my flow colder
sh-t, i used to run them numbers off that motorola
old school, that was pager time
my n-gg-s shoot like they just primed (shoot)
we came in here to ball tonight
baby girl, send them bottles, have ’em all on ice


[verse 2]
tag a b-tch with chevy, what’s it lookin’ like?
f-ck, i might just blow two hundred thou tonight
that’s a new house and a new car
all a young n-gg- know is to stunt hard
they ain’t smokin’ like we smokin’, homie
must be jokin’, when i hit your weed i don’t be chokin’
my sh-t is potent, grade a, no sticks
hit one b-tton, watch the porsche do tricks
presidential rollie on the minute, copped six
all my real n-gg-s and my b-tches know what’s up
first n-gg- in the city with the genie truck