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fumigation – non essential service lyrics


woke yourself up at 6am
forgot you have no job
pandemic has f+cked you up
coffee time anyways grab a cup

sit on the lazy boy like a lazy boi
thinking of the time you almost f+cked a lady boy
chillin in jamaica with all the rude boys
keep hitting the net where’s the ball boys?
back to reality there’s nothing to do
watch the slow cooker make a mean stew
the meat is expired but whats a man to do?
wait in line for an hour or two?

one+way isles don’t pass anyone
people walk around like they have badges and guns
grab your sh+t and make your way to the cash
looking badass in your home made mask
remember all the stuff you forgot to buy
when you’re half way home and you just got high
f+ck it you can live without mr noodles
now go to f+cking town on toaster strudels
everything to watch is a rerun or lame
because every day in quarantines exactly the same
haven’t washed your clothes in fourteen days
the sh+thole you live in smells like hot mayonnaise
rat in the kitchen trap struggling for breath
step on him and give him a warriors death
throw it out the window as a special favour
to the chained up dog of your meth head neighbour
pest control is non essential
give it a couple months it’ll be fundamental
grandma crying she’s being eaten alive
bedbugs feasting eggs piling high