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funky dl – the bump lyrics



[verse 1: funky dl]
mics, what mc’s hold
to say a few words so the truth gets told about the pain
the suffering, the trouble in your life
by thing that cause you to fold so we dream
and think about the places we could be
so we need to pick up some paper and a pen
a instrument with ink that we use once we think
of the words then we put it in our rhymes
catchphrases that we say so when we get played
all our fans can give us mad props
respect from our work praise and shouts
cos we made it sound ill on the beat
the rhythmic sound move your head up and down
while you listen to the way that we flow
the way the words move, the patterns and the grooves
that we master in the studio (uh huh)
the place that we go to get it all out
and put it all down on tape
it’s something that you play in your car, in your crib
in the night in the day for the girls
who know how to shake it
just like they do when they watching a rap video
promotional tool to get you face seen
and get your voice heard going

[hook: funky dl]
the bump, the bump, bump, the bump (hip-hop)
the bump, the bump, the bump, bump go (what) (x2)
the bump, the bump, bump, the bump (yeah yall)
the bump, the bump, the one more time (yeah yall)
the bump, the bump, bump, the bump (hip-hop)
the bump, the bump, the bump, bump go (what)

[verse 2: funky dl]
freestyle, to spit off the dome
them kids in them ciphers in the corners
yo they do it for the love, the p-ssion
affection for the game, we do it from the heart
and not just for the money, the moolah, the doe
the gwap, we use it to buy them fat gold chains (hah?)
the old school jewellery you wear round your neck
when you stand for a photo and you pose (huh)
to take a position or a stance
put your hands up in the air like peace
a word that we say when we done on the phone
or at the last verse of a song
a chorus a verse, it’s like three minutes
and gets played on radio, a wireless tool
it transmits sound and make you really wanna say yo
another word we use to grab the attention of someone
we wanna talk to (2) the number of turntables dj’s need
to really make it happen on a mix (uh huh)
you blend one song with another song
and make sure the tempos on time
and this i don’t have, so bring the chorus back
and the baseline b and go…

[hook x2]