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futuristic – i’m fresh lyrics


[verse 1]
futuristic is apart of anatomy, i ball
my b-tches look good so we keep the lights on
i think she wants you to play my song
five-o-one denim with a snapback on
and i’m fresher than you’ve ever been
b-tch look like marilyn
all my flows sick, they listen and need medicine
and i’m always high like i’m sitting on a elephant
always getting p-ssy, i’m the opposite of celibate
so n-gg- fall back, your girl never call back (h-llo?)
cause while her phone ringing she be on my b-llsack (ugh)
excuse my french, she’s on my d-ck
kenan & kel sh-t, my lyrics is all that
okay, i’m laughing at these dumb n-gg-s
something like nas, hope you got yourself a gun, n-gg-
i’m not the joker, i don’t do this sh-t for fun, n-gg-
my pockets real fat, big pun, n-gg-
flow hot, it could porbably change the climate
all about green like a salad, diet
’bout to go ham, sandwich, try it
b-tch i go hard if i’m lying and i’m dying
g-shock on with them polo kicks
your girl going crazy, control yo b-tch
got a lil bit of kush, let me roll this sh-t
blunt or brain, she could blow this sh-t

i’m fresher than you
i’m fresher than a motherf-cker
i’m fresher than you
i’m fresher than a motherf-cker
i’m fresher than you
i’m fresher than a motherf-cker
i’m fresher than you
i’m fresh, b-tch

[verse 2]
yeah, girls falling for me fast like quicksand
hoes coming off the b-tch like a six-mag
i keep a b-tch warm, like thick pants
i keep her wet like sweat in a wristband
n-gg-s don’t really wanna f-ck with futuristic, b-tch, that’s on my mama
running ’round scared if he know that i’m there, he be like mary jane, no more drama
got a lotta girls, some young, but i got a freak just like madonna
puffing that ganja, i could eat you alive, i’m like a pyranha
and i gotta let these n-gg-s know, who the f-cking boss is
got a lotta green like a celtic, boston
and i can’t walk in my walking closet
too much gear in my walking closet
if he keep talking, put him in the coffin
and i spit sick, i got everybody coughing
and my d-ck big like texas, austin
got your girl squirting like a hole in a dolphin
flow keep running, f-ck it, floss it
i like my chicks something like a lease, bossy
n-gg-s rap trash, bag it, toss it
i hate the word swag, dagnabbit, i’m saucy