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fwaytj – evil twin lyrics


n+ggas got me really heated
n+ggas got me in me in that mode

(verse 1)
n+ggas got me really heated
n+ggas got me in me in that mode
they keep on dissing, i’m gonna have they f+cking granny on the floor
n+ggas woofing on that camera,when i come them b+tches fold
money calling, i’ma have to put them b+tches on hold
i got members, i’ma get brandonpitbull to take his soul
i heard my opps got switches, when i see them never blow

(verse ii)
all the opps say thеy got shooters
woof on the net, don’t do computеrs
whip out that glock, might grab the ruler
whip on that k, i’d bet it’ll do ya
yea, i’m a teacher not a tutor
we’re gonna teach him , lets get into it
there’s to much purple in my fluid
might drank to much, might get ya booted
that’s to many bags,that’s to many racks
man i gotta stack em’ up
i kick the lil’ hoe up out the crib, told her “sorry baby, you acting up”
lil bro tried to steal my flow, like get back, you running out of luck
you switch up on the gang
that’s life,we’re gonna fight, you gonna die tonight
put a switch on the glock,we up,he in trouble, that’s his kryptonite
i done run up overnight,blew up in that hoe, just like that dynamite
lil bro tried to set me up,all is his sends completely out of spike
(brr, brr, brr, brr)
(verse 3)
i ain’t trippin’ about no b+tch, i ain’t trippin’ bout no hoe
i ain’t trippin’ about these other n+ggas, i ain’t breaking code
we gonna load the clip, and we gonna blow him with a load
(no diddy)
order seven+fifty from the bank and they say, “godd+mn”
i ain’t gotta walk in, i just call, they know who i am
flex on instagram and go to tweakin’, seem like i spam
should’ve been my friend, but you want to be a demon, huh?
i ain’t that type of n+gga that’ll fill your b+tch up wit’ my s+m+n, nah
i’ma spit in that b+tch face and make her tell you that, “that n+gga foul”
it’s f+ck you out that gate, and if you play, b+tch, i’ma lay you down
i’m wit’ that, i don’t f+ck around
can’t wait ’til i catch that clown

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