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g baby cario – i’m living lyrics


n-gg- im livin
got a big bankroll
and my money dont fold
but the hoes do
n-gg- im livin
i dress so clean
all tha hoes wanna go
know what i mean
n-gg- im livin
n let p-ssy n-gg- wanna try
45 and these bullets aint shy
iton leave witout me
try me lil n-gg- we’ll slide
call tha guys its gon be a homicide
u gon die but im livin
[lil trell]
n-gg- im spinnin
just dunked on a opp n-gg- b-tch
she was thirsty to that n-gg-
im griffin
b-tch i been a based god
and i been with based squad
im like lil b
n-gg- im whippin
but i aint no kd
i cant change on based squad
only lame n-gg-s into that flippin
i just need to change clothes
i just need to change hoes
bankroll im just into that n-gg-
and im never fake now
we can do a take down
anything for that skrilla
im with it
shorty said be safe now
broski keep the 8 around
solving problems for me
shorty stop trippin
shorty wanna see my cash
how i add ima show yo -ss some math
to some sh-t you not gettin
we are not the floss gang
something like sauce gang
squad we be livin

[g baby cario]
i just do my thang on a b-tch
big pimpin and its close range on a b-tch
no cuffin never bought a ring for a b-tch
never spent a dollar or some loose change for a b-tch
im a g i gotta stick to tha code
n-gg-s know that its smoke
if you wolfin in the street about me
n-gg-s mad cus i really took his hoe
like trell i said oh
she aint tranna leave the scene without me
i got shooters this is not what he wanted
i got grams in my left in my right its some hundreds
some real n-gg-s in my squad
and they all gettin blunted
i got hoes and the money coming in a abundance
came from the bottom
muhf-cka you can call it the dungeon
i got halfs for a hundred
it come cheap by the dozen
she think she bad
she dont know a n-gg- f-ckin her cousin
she scream my name right before
i nutted all on her stomach


heat after heat bro
g baby
trell hoe