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g g allin – self absorbed lyrics


as i walk the blood soiled path
of my cosmopolitan existence
i abscond to the inner fractions of my
opened up and bleeding lacerations
walking alone i contain my death and dangerous desire
ablaze my ultimate consummation
i condiscern the collision of life and suicide
through confrontational dogmatic rituals
of my burning under flesh
we are all dog meat on the bones of ashes
i am introverted first and utmost
i discard conventional behavior
the one man army from within shoots out
from the descending elevators
of my ever expanding brain map
i shall proceed to arbitrate the ways in which
i shower the fragments of my corpse with lead
further puking the phlegm through conduit intestines
on the rusted edge of an instant plunge
deep digging
tearing to explore new openings
of our interior depths of punctured skin spiders
digress with me
as i have become the trail of mutilation
towards destruction and evil for all
follow closely the depths of my empathy
we the arbitrary souls of our own temples need n-body
my self structured mind will take course my p-ssion
to the battlefield of elasticated hands
reaching out to suffocate the closing air p-ssages
of p-ssers by