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g unit – collapse (g-unit freestyle) lyrics


-3 shots-

[50 cent talkin]
50 cent, shady, aftermath, the dream team, we gotta get the get well cards
n-gg-z is sick, haha feelthis, non stop

-2 shots-
-3 shots-

motion picture sh-t

now don’t think i won’t hit ya coz i’m popular
i got a p-90 rule gotta pop at ya
catch ya slippin i’m gonna give ya wot i got for ya
my clip loaded wid 16 shots for ya (oh -gun shot-)
never had a hot gun on ya waist and dirt on ya shoe
coz a n-gg- wouldn’t say the wrong sh-t to you
homie you ain’t been through wot i been through
you not like me and i’m not like you
i’m like a animal wid it when i spit it
its crazy, gotta send me all those who put holes in n-gg-z tryna play me
one shot is not enough you need you need least a oozie to move me
after 4 bottles of don a kid start feelin woozie
i write my life you write wot you in the gangsta movies
i’m gangsta to the ??? n-gg- you can’t move me
i find my sp-ce at the top i got this rap sh-t locked
i never heard of you, you heard of me
i murda you sp-ce after your convertable
low less you know this
richard pourhallo still go through your door
this is raw
you scared of me your not prepared for me
the kid is back 50 cent
i know you like that, yeah i know you like that
green lantern (-gun shot-)
shady records, anger management y’all
homie (homie homie)
yeah (-gun shot-)
(-3 shots-)