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gabe nandez – black arts lyrics


i be dealing in black arts
see me wheeling the black cart down the back part deep in the cellar of path mark
stewed brews of chewed glue from crude foods
for the voodoo pupils be larger than two moons
back from the deep
strapped with a knack to attract when he rap on the beat
breaching the gap, leaving the trap
peeling the cap off of fat demons keeping him back

ah, its starting to look clear
navigating the myriad clouds that stood here
tall guy the sky is all i see
sight beyond sight wherever the eyes be
i be whatever reads on my id
f-cked up in the crib with the pens where you find me
really its nothing he’s actually only bluffing
but tactically he’s dumping on rappers after the luncheon and
dinner time is actually really miller time
pabst for snacks he hack tracks while sipping wine
flipping rhymes no dimes on deez nuts
but my st–z up yo i be dirty like three sl-ts
freeze up, flow cold like north pole
twice as nice spitting the ice with more soul
yo he rap nice sharper than twenty stalagmites
like a gl-ss knife sending you back to the past life
you can ask mike
i dont even know
i’m just pretending i’m a rapper but i don’t even flow
even though i be wheeling and dealing in feelings yo
really i’m fiending for meaning behind the reasoning bro

i’m not a player i just play games like claire dames
find me on the grind trynna maintain
staying sane be my main thing
i see rain at the reigns of my mainframe

word up and down and left and right g
i don’t understand why suckas is trynna fight me
might be, cause i’m feisty, like your dike be
got her under spells expanding my clientele

peddling lyrics to apparitions and spirits
yo my condition is vivid i live it, wanna give it
and try to stand but i pivot the lack of gin got me timid
i’m driven by strange visions and prisms i can’t get rid ’em
or get rid of the rhythm it’s embedded
genetically destined to be big like intrepid
thats xl all over this rap sh-t, i spit it elastic, other brothers lack this
suckas need to practice
me i was born like this
how you gonna scorn when you getting torn like this
it’s whatever son i just get her done
in any weather you silly compet-tors better run