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gabe ‘nandez – ouroboros lyrics


verse 1: gabe ‘nandez

meet me at 6 on the dot

by the dock we could have drinks on the rock

i’m just trynna think how to spark

how to walk when you got a inch of the chalk

witness the sinner who’s innocence wither in lingering thought

shivering intricate ligaments fixing the sphinxes in pyramid hearing of ra

in the dark of the storm, calm as the shark in a pond

often he bark at the hawks in the park till the obelisk started to form

i’m a hazardous threat

back in effect with the fabulous sh-t

verse 2: gabe ‘nandez

what it is what it does who it be

nandee innit so comfortably

morning is dawning it forms on the sea

coming together like 4 arms on a tree

see, i’mma break it down with the rap

come around all up in your town like a cat

stray, homie that’s the way i do it

f-ck a phony that’s the only way i view it

student of glyphs viewing the fusion of lunar eclipse in the pit

dude i’m the sh-t, watch him maneuver illusions and ruin the script

used to lack faith etiquette

settle in with my head placed relevant

verse 3: gabe ‘nandez

get it straight i don’t ever rate what i make

meditate till i levitate h-llagreat

oh you amateur eh

d-mn you ain’t even got stamina range

handle your banner with fist

standing abandoned in animal grips

in the land of abyss

banned cause n-ggas just can’t handle the spit

is you black in the heart? in the dark i could see the white of your eyes

and it’s red when you bleed the f-ck is you telling me that we equal as people alive

may rise down, to a science, clowns is trying to drown mantle of zion

verse 4: gabe ‘nandez

mental asylum i’m riding the train

express now i finna exit the train

i could bring you things that you never knew were

rent a room we could get in tune with the world

know i got the map quest flow

track best tell me what your address bro

run go hide where the sun don’t shine

gung ho get you with the 44 rhyme

hiding anonymous,,,, artemis guarded it started the hunt

pardon my junk thought of these phonics while sparking the blunt

yo theres snakes in this gr-ss and theres snakes in the gr-ss but they’re masked by the path to the past