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gaelic storm – the leaving of liverpool lyrics


fare thee well to prince’s landing stage
mersey river, fare thee well
well i am bound for california
but i know that i’ll return someday

so fare thee well, my own true love
when i return united we will be
it’s not the leaving of liverpool that grieves me
but my darling when i think of thee

oh i have signed on the yankee sailin’ ship
davy crockett is her name
and burgess is the captain of her
and they say that she’s a floatin’ shame


oh i have sailed w/ this burgess once before
and i think that i know him quite well
for if a man is a sailor, he can get along
if not, he’s in a floating h-ll


the sun is on the harbor, love
and i wish that i could be thain
because i know it will be some long long time
before we see you again