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gaelic storm – turn this ship around lyrics


man-catchers took me family, shipped them to kingston town
i was left in dublin, no way out but down
i shipped aboard for better fare, stories i could tell
i left that hole behind me, landed straight in h-ll

we want the sun, the ocean to swim in
tobacco, rum, the wild island women
the old man says we’re homeward bound
the crew says, “no, turn this ship around”

they lash us without warning, they starve us every man
they work us day and night, even longer when they can
our backs are burned and blistered, fever’s taken hold
there’s fire in our bellies, but our blood is running cold

no rum to warm the spirit, no breeze to cool the brow
we sighted land two days ago, an island off the prow
red sky in the morning, captain best beware
there’s rumblings down below decks, there’s murder in the air


bermuda waits behind us, it’s time for treachery
it’s now or never lads, let’s put an end to misery
the knives are out and flashing, there’s powder in the guns
we’re sick of slop and scurvy, it’s time to cut and run

the captain’s in his cabin, with a gl-ss of sherry wine
we’ll keelhaul that b-st-rd, we’ll make him drink the brine
the first mate’s on the foredeck, with a pistol in his hand
we’ll string him from the rigging, he’ll never see dry land