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game – how we do -ft. 50 cent lyrics


:::[hook: 50 cent 2x]

this is how we do
– – – -we make a move and act a fool while we up in the club
this is how we do
– – – -n-body do it like we do it so show us some love

[the game]

fresh like uhh
impala uhh
crome hydraulics, 808 drums
u don’t want none
n-gg- betta run
want beef its on i pop that trunk
come get some pistol grip pump
if a n-gg- step on my white air ones
since red rum
ready hear it come
compton uhh dre found me in a slums
selling that stuff
one hand on my gun
i was selling rocks when master p. was saying uhhh
buck p-ss the blunt
the g-unit girls just wanna have fun
c-ke and rum
got weed on the tongue
i’m bangin with my hand up her dress like uhh
i make her c-m
purple haze on my lungs
whole gang in the front
in case a n-gg- wanna stunt

[50 cent]

i put lambourgini doors on da es-ca-lade
low pro so it look im riding on a blades
in one year man a n-gg- so great
i have a straight b-tch in the telly going both ways
touch me tease me kiss me please me
i give it to u just how u like it girl
u now rocking the best trey pound in my hips
teflon on my chest
they say im no good
cuz im so hood
rich folks do not want me around
cuz sh-t might pop off
and if sh-t pop off someone gonna get layed the f-ck out
they called me new money
say i have no cl-ss
i’m from the bottom i came up to fast
the h-ll if i care
i’m just here to get my cash
boojie -ss b-tches u could kiss my -ss

[hook – 2x – 50 cent]

[the game]
i put gold daytona’s
on tha cherry 64’
white walls so clean it’s like i’m riding on bulbs
hit one switch man
that -ss so low
cali got n-gg-s in new york riding on 100 spokes
touch me tease me kiss me please me
i give it to u just how u like it girl
u now rocking wit the best 4 pound on my hip
gold chain on my chest ahhhh!

[50 cent]

50 uhh
bentley uhh
em came and got a n-gg- fresh out of slums
automatic gun, f-ck a one on one
we wrap up ya punk -ss stunt n’ ya done
homey its game time

[the game]
ready here it comes
call lloyd banks and get this motherf-cker crunk
it took two months
but 50 got it done
signed wit g-unit had n-gg-s like huh
don’t try to front
i’ll leave your -ss slump
thinking im a punk
get your f-cking head lumped
50 got a gun

[50 cent]

ready here it comes
got a sick vendetta to get this chedda
meet my beretta the drama setter
sip ar-ma-retta
my flows sound better then average on track
i’m a savage i damage
any n-gg- tryna front on my click