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gamingplush64 – glados vs. monokuma lyrics



[verse 1: monok+ma(karmen the person)]
welcome to hope’s peak academy!
a new student? why, i’m glad to see!
understand the rules, miss, and do not test the faculty
or i’ll unload a pun+ish punishment to go unravelling
oh, what the h+ll, that sounds fun
time to burn down this cake factory!
monok+ma’s mocking this momma lock on a monorail
i’ll drop you lower than the steam games do on summer sale!
it’s no issue hacking hacks like i’m the blackened
you can’t bear a diss, wiping your name out of my new world
just like caroline’s

[verse 2: glados(nicole smith),wheatley(adamations)]
are you done? good
now let’s get down to business
try not to blow up on the track like how your kids did
oh, don’t worry, i need to use no concoctions
bеcause you choked beforе i could get my deadly neuro talks in
this is what the crass hot mascot has got?
sat, watched as the class fought wanna comment that
i have a trash bod, i can sever this selling out this teddy
down to the center, leave him half off
doesn’t matter which brat thot is masterminding
aperture is capping you, you have exactly zero action
in your vast class action suits, that’s tragic (true!)
your writing is bombing, your demise is calling on junko’s phone, i got the flowing for science
you monster, your master’s a m+s+ch+st to the bone
things aren’t so black and white fightning mono+a+monok+ma
blast you to sp+ce with all the other obnoxious tumors

[verse 3: monok+ma(karmen the person)]
for a disk operating system, i thought you could spin a track greater
but you wrote a verse more inane than the walls in ratt’s lair
you think you’d be a goddess with your toxic neuro gas shake up
but in the climax of your story, the world was feeling blackmesa!
you push my b+ttons, i drop bombs
if i push your b+ttons i’m swapping you out
i’m making worlds, you’re so afraid of birds
that when a girl peeped up you dropped from the ground
ay! what i say goes did i mention
ay! here’s a secret that’ll make your head spin (ay!)
your animation software is less put together than your stage in lego dimensions!
burning up this square no more cores to guide her empty brain
your voice actress may have it in their name but i’m the one in the mc lane
you’re bananas, combustable lemons stucking in your sour spirting
this battle was a wash, go on back to selling shower curtains

[verse 4: glados(nicole smith),portal announcer(adamations)]
i’m dishing out hits like poker night, you get under my skin
not talking potatoes, no way you could own the fight
my defective turrets can wipe your whole game show
i’m an ai made by cave, your owner caved and then was executed
blast away this megaphone, i think my subjects are muted
ironic in a way, now your studio needs hope
after your latest game got worse reception than k1+b0
you’ve taught a valuable lesson that needs to be repeated
sometimes a third game is better off deleted