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garnett silk – everything i’ve got lyrics


gave you gave
gave you everything i’ve
gave you gave

verse 1:
yesterday, you walked away
with no thought of your day
thinking you can go along
not remembering where you’re from

verse 2:
but,it’s too late now, all doors are closed
you just don’t know how love really flows

i’ve gave you everything i’ve got
now you’re coming back
it seems like you’re running out of stuff, baby
(repeated 2x)

verse 3:
you never know what tomorrow brings
beyond those naked eyes, your visions of memories

verse 4:
so when you’re riding by
never you say bye
but you approve of friend
seeing you coming again

chorus again

intro again

verse 5:
remember you are free
to shape your destiny
and so you spread your bed
to rest your sleepy head

chorus again (3x times)

verse 2 again

verse 4 again

chorus repeats until fades

last line of chorus repeats until fades