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garrett johnson – heat lyrics




dot com
you know that it’s on
inside of the house
or on the front lawn

get permission to clearance
can you do it online
maintaining coherence

let’s go
adjectives and the nouns
first we line ’em up and then we’re knockin’ ’em down
portland is the city; beaverton is the town (yeah)
we all know the state
comin’ down the lane; have defenders on skates


it’s all impromptu; people premeditate
o 16; do it now or you wait
nothin’ new; people know how games work
facin’ forward, lookin’ straight; observe the framework
how it is (ooooh!)
laugh (ooooh!)
but it’s something that you feel from your heart to your calf

and i put that on god
garrett johnson on the mic, occupation abroad
yeah, garrett johnson on the mic, occupation abroad

ooooh! ooooh! (whack)

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