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garrett sparrow – cherry grove lyrics


[verse 1]
cherry grove please, i
need some more pool time
swimming good when you’ll be shot to shot like it’s a movie
and we ain’t stressing ’cause the shots on the jacuzzi
it’s really when they wanna say sh+t
man, they strip your boy clean
man, they p+ss on my vacation
when do i lose the point where nothing’s in common?
how long we need until we don’t need a [?]
call up mona lisa, better on the top
levels ease my charisma
[?] understand me
i treat it like that mani+for+two
and after that, she undеrstanding me too
pop the rocks with the fеver
i’m ridin’ in the motherf+ckin’ steamer
tell me how long are you waiting
taste like cherry when we making out
on the girl so patient
let’s slow down

cherry grove
cherry, it’s a ’lil

hair long in the cherry grove
i didn’t have to i just let it grow
bought a new cam
shoot the video