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gary barlow – are you ready now lyrics


can we share tonight the years we’ve been apart baby,
from the time we said goodbye until now,
how the nights we laughed and loved still feel like yesterday.
how i’m hoping you still feel the same.
(so) strange we’re standing here after all this time,
strange when the present and the past collides,
memories of our days apart i feel they’re fading past,
silence for my questions here at last.
are you ready now for me to love you,
are you ready now to give this love a try,
are you ready now for me to give you trust, to give you truth,
are you ready now for me to love you.
ready now for me to say i love you.
the look upon your face shows no surprise baby,
guess you always knew when things played on my mind,
i believe in second chances,
i believe in love for life,
i believe maybe you can lost love once but never twice.
throw the past aside, let’s make up for lost time,
if we let this love past by,
we may never find these feelings again in our lives.