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gary chapman – razor’s edge lyrics


by john mallory
in this turbulence
that we’re flying through
i just can’t fix my eyes
on what i love in you
yet in the calm
of the storm’s eye
i know that there are reasons
why we still must try
rummage through memories
piecing together
worn tattered fabrics
of love that remains
when the voice of love is drowned
still we’ll hear our silent pledge
though we find no common ground
we’ll learn to love on a razor’s edge
and our hearts are moved
with the ebb and the flow
as i try to drop my anchor
in this truth we know
for the depths of love
that i have for you
lie beneath the stormy surface
that we’re learning to subdue
oh calm the waters
quiet the tempest
bring forth an unfaltering
peaceful resolve
(repeat chorus twice)
love seeks a p-ssage
through open wounds
speaking a language
that comforts and heals
(repeat chorus twice