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gavin san pedro – intro/oneluv lyrics


oh, oh

i think its hard for you
to find some love
its hard for you to find someone
i think you stopped believing
that you needed that one

i think i was confused
to afraid to make move
now im stuck with the truth
feeling like i was used
but i just let myself go
had feel like i was old
i dont know
maybe you really liked me
you couldn’t match my energy
turning to an enemy
you ain’t no friend of me
and thats just how its got to be
oh, oh
yeah, yeah

i think that you need someone
i don’t know whats wrong
i think that you’ve been confused
you’ve been lost on what you want to

i think that you need someone
but you don’t know what you want
i think that it’s hard for you
but i just got to stay true