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geto boys – g. e. t. o. lyrics


killa, you’re face to face with scarface
g to the e to the t o

now here it comes, motherf-ckers die hard ’til the end
mr. scarface, not your ordinary dope man
on the for reala, my n-gg-, i’m a born killa
let my nuts hanging out, give a f-ck if ya bigger

’cause i’m that n-gg- who gets -ss rolling ten deep
and shove this shoe up in your sh-t far as ten feet
creep by creep ’cause i’m in this sh-t deep
never ever caught slipping, b-tch ’cause i don’t sleep

and if i sleep, the kid gets beat and that’s bullsh-t
’cause i’m still a lunatic
body sn-tcher, peter roll capture
killer coming atcha, n-gg-ro subtracter

small time dope game, plenty heart though
good girl go bad, i’m high off a motherf-cker
i read my diary, mind play tricks
and traveled the world with a n-gg- named bushwick

lost a member back in december
n-gg- gets respect from boston to denver
compton, jersey, philly, brooklyn
oakland, dallas, houston look, man

it ain’t a godd-mn thing being took
from the bad boys of houston, so go ahead and dial a crook
and watch some n-gg-s spit the game cool
ran back and brace yourself, n-gg- ’cause here it comes, fool

here it comes, fool
p e t e r m a n, ain’t no hoe -ss motherf-ckers

bang bang bang, motherf-ckers, lay it down
prat tat tat, the peterman is in the house
and i’m about to spray it down
letting n-gg-s hand fit my gat, i gots to grab it
smoking motherf-ckers is a habit

i’m on a mission, opposition get tore up from the floor up
kicking the type of gangsta sh-t that make ya throw up
g plus e plus t plus o
geto boys run sh-t in ’93 but you don’t hear me though

huh, breaking n-gg-s off who bother to
f-ck around with techs, thinking we ain’t nothing but barbecue
so fool, get your -ss on
before the peterman in the house, getting his blast on

sending n-gg-s smooth to the concrete
making mo’ motherf-cking deal then a swap meet
the c o n v i c t s is h-tting n-gg-s where it hurt
kicking up dirt down in texas, so here it comes, fool

any motherf-cker wanna get with bushwick
bring it on, motherf-cker

well, what do you know, it’s that n-gg- named bushwick
back again still dropping the bs on a punk b-tch
kicking that g sh-t ever so clear
5th ward steady coming hard every f-cking year

i went from copping the cash a couple of months ago
but n-gg-s call me crazy ’cause i’m known to smoke a hoe
smoke a hoe, smoke a hoe, smoke two, smoke a few
got my motherf-cking crew, now what you wanna do?

b u s h w i c k blowing n-gg-s away
doing this type of sh-t every motherf-cking day
never waste another n-gg-s time
got my 9, getting paid, kicking these motherf-cking dope rhymes

so if it comes down to it, i might gatcha
dead in that motherf-cking dump, give that -ss a fracture
’cause i ain’t that n-gg- you wanna f-ck with
bushwick bill, the n-gg- named chuckwick
so here it comes, fool