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ghost of the robot – alone lyrics


well i alone in averenth
with my lady by my side
after wars i left her
and now she’s come to watch me die

she’s a flower in the sun
now she’s crawlin’ through the mud
‘cause a me, ’cause a me

my heart was sick, from killin’ injuns
with their babies in their beds.
i refused but my general
put his gun up to my head.

i wanted to come home
so abby wouldn’t live alone
so i killed, burned them down

i woke up, cold dark morning
saw a face in the mirror
realized what i was bringing home
wasn’t worth bringing anymore.

i tried to heal my sores
with robbin’, whisky and wh-r-s
didn’t work. i was still bad

sheriff — put the noose right around me
pull it tightly, snap my neck
don’t want my love to see me strangle
when my soul’s all blown to heck

so i’m alone in averenth
with my lady watchin’ me die
i don’t know if i could bear it
to see poor abby cry one more time.

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