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ghostface killah – paragraphs of love lyrics


“paragraphs of love”
(feat. vaughn anthony, estelle)

[ghostface killah (estelle)]
her face glow like i was exposed to sunlight
she’s happy, her hair, toes and nails is dumb right
the smell of her fragrance, baffled my nostrils
i can see through her eyes, she’s feeding on in the possible
she blushes, as i kept splashing her compliments
polite thank yous, is all around, she crush the mints
developments, smooth keys from the piano
changed the mood, like we changed the channel
this is art, pic-sso, i got him beat in the flesh
i’m staring at beauty, nefert-ti, heaven bone in the chest
yes, everywhere she step, went off like a flare gun
stilettos on, parquet floors
miss thing, she’s a fierce one, two and three
bad little mama, she built like alicia keys
no facade, her strut is hard, based on books by
intelligent jail crooks, writing to let the time fly
she dropped the bracelet, i kneeled down
prestigious gentleman, with my right hand, i picked it up
i stood up, to the cutest eyelashes, as i gave her, her jewels back
miss thing started rubbing her gut
excuse me, are you pregnant? not to be rude
but if it means anything, i can get you some food
cheese crackers, in the back there’s sauteed shrimp
(nah, i never free lumps, i’ll be as big as a blimp
see my due date is january, my first, and it’s kinda scary
it’s only june, and christmas, i’ll be getting married
and i’m happy, excuse me, what’s your name?)
tone starks (peace, i’m gabby, well i gotta go, my husband is waiting)
but before i go, can i give you one last statement
you the most beautifullest queen, i ever seen
and i would love to have a thing like you, on my team, you take care

[chorus: vaughn anthony & estelle]
any other day, i would of just let you, p-ss me by
cuz i see you got situations
and i’ve got mine, but baby its ok
it’s alright, i’m not gonna let you p-ss me by
cuz this was love at first sight
cuz this was love at first sight
it’s ok

[vaughn anthony]
you can tell he must be on a mission
because my heart has made it’s decision
as soon as you stepped in my peripheral vision
i fell in love, sweet love
and no infatuated 3d gl-sses to see
that your the one i need
and the situation don’t matter to me
cuz this is love, it gotta be love
love at first sight

[chorus 2x]