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gil scott – heron – vild (deaf, dumb and blind) lyrics


i know if you been lookin’ now you can see
yes and it’s closer than your nose, reality.

i know if you been listenin’ you done heard
how the people be cryin’ out for a soothing word.
and you can give ’em the word, but now don’t you despair,
ain’t no rule that says they got to care.
they can always swear they’re deaf dumb and blind.
it works one time.
but nothing works forever.

offering one chance to boogie down.
yes and the smack i got with me is the best in town.
you know everybody wanna get high every now and then.
offering you a chance to dance and swing, come on, come on, yea.
i need you out here with me while i do my thing.