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ginuwine – on my way lyrics


on my way
[verse 1]
keep it warm,
i’ll be there,
i’ll be rollin about two or three,
i could only think,
how your body feels,
and the way it last to me,
you’re like a dream,
a vivid dream,
that i don’t want to wake up from,
bring out the beast in me,
bring it out of me,
you’re all i want,
you’re all i need

baby i’m on my way,
girl i’m coming home,
is that body calling me,
i wanna hear you scream,
calling out my name,
giving just what you need

i can’t picture,
me living life,
without coming home to you,
i’m so glad,
you’re mine and i know this loves so true,
get ready cause girl it’s on,
when it’s you get dress i like baby,
baby put the red pumps on

[chorus 2x]

[bridge 2x]
girl i’m on my way, and i’m hor-ny,
hope you ready girl, i want it all, please don’t fall asleep, i’m on my way,
baby i hoep you rest it up i want it all

[(chorus) 2x till it fades]

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