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girlschool – a love too far lyrics


picture a face with eyes of blue
the kind you would die to gaze into
i want you near me,
i need to feel your hand in mine
wondering if we were just a way of killing time,
was it just another waste of time?

imagine a love without the pain
i feel so scared to hurt again
i need to see you,
i feel so far away from you
i wouldn’t miss you,
oh, if we’d only had some time,
but then i’d know if you
were really mine

if you have a change of heart,
i won’t be the first to fall
and if you ever change your mind,
i won’t be as blind as love,
i wouldn’t be as blind at all

and i need to see you,
if it’s to only break the spell
i’ll go on without you,
then let me be a little on guard,
because i know we took our love too far

da da da da…