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go yayo – fucc yayo lyrics


[skr skr
hood fame gang]

[verse 1]
all o that fucc sh-t you talkin
i’m with it, i’m with it, i’m with it
some n-gga got jacced, and they think that i hit it
you think that i did it, [then fucc i did it]
you think that i said it, then fucc it i said it
my young n-ggas strapped and they ready
big o’ thooka it’s so heavy
fucc with the gang it deadly
y’all p-ssies came with machetes
sippin’ on tec outta yeti
pop up in the h like where is the red at?
pop up on yo b-tch
i ain’t tryna fucc i’m really tryna see where her head at
n-ggas say that they gon’ k!ll me
then why they ain’t did it, then why i ain’t dead yet?
sold so much dope at the store
they lookin’ like d-mn he ain’t stuck in the feds yet?
[?] keep asking, “boy, what’s in yo cup it’s so muddy
half a pint of hi-tec, no sudafed
i trap that white like some wonderbread
hood fame youngin’ at the top like a overhead
so many shootas i shoulda been dead
sold so much dope that i shoulda went fed
came a long way from locked up eating [?]
riding ’round sitting with a pint of red
n-gga playing we gon’ hit ’em with a infrared
big o’ thooka, please don’t start with me
young and stupid, you don’t really want start with me
pop up, kicc yo door, lil b-tch, it’s a robbery
big ol’ thooka ain’t no harming me
hood fame gang b-tch we a army
percocets, it leave my trap, its a pharmacy
young n-gga sh-t got yo b-tch in the car with me
i was sixteen i finessin’ everyone
[?] but i sold his -ss sheetrocc
serve a n-gga take it bacc, how i rerocc
young n-gga blizzy i can [?] on [?]
young n-gga in yo ho pocket like [?]
want a young n-gga like me and i see why
b-tch sending raccs and the ho couldn’t deny
took a whole day of profit, blew it at [?]
say yayo be trippin but he got the city on fire
on go and they askin’ me why
’cause most these rappers from my city
they rappin a lie, these n-ggas p-ssy can’t deny
they sell in stores, i won’t buy
don’t apply, let it fly
all you p-ssies do is cry
pop up hit his -ss with fire
big ol’ thooka send ’em right to the sky
n-gga plot on my demise
hate on the gang because we on the rise
i look at that n-gga, see hate in his eyes
that fucc n-gga play, that n-gga gon’ die
that fucc n-gga play, them bullets gon’ fly
draco bullets at his neck like a tie
ain’t no robbin, ayo b-tch you can try
when that thooka hit you, n-gga, don’t look surprised