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gordon cormier – i’ll be there for you lyrics


g. cormier
i’ve walked in the rain in the afternoon
with my head held high and singing that tune
’bout you’re the only one for me
i’ve walked by the ocean all night long
pickin’ on my guitar and singing that song
’bout you’re the only one for me
you’ve given me a reason to sing my songs
you changed my life when you came along
i fell head over heels in love with you
but darling i’m not through
i sleep a little better each and every night
knowing you’re there and i can hold you tight
so if times get hard and you’re feeling blue
baby, i’ll be there for you.
it’s funny how the years go flying by
now there’s two little children by my side
and they sure look a lot like you
i try a little harder each and every day
to do what’s right and to the lord i pray
our love will make it through.