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gore – human corpse lyrics


in to cave corpse
flesh intense

wounded stomach skin
perverse l-st

morbid and mortality
bacterial infect

as a serum of pus
necrotic tissue

surgically harmful
m-ssive extension

fungus stench aroma
bacterial growth

in to corroded chest
wasted juice

as a serum of pus
necrotic tissue

severe wasted in trauma with toxic glue
several injuries in to deformed meat

bacterial contamination invade the rotten meat
my knife is ready for a necrotic feast

introduction with repugnant gore

i dilated and destroy the skin
subcutaneous, facial tissue and bone

more and intense
rectal glue
correstive grease
my dirty fun, blood, pus, glue

in to cave purulence
rotten tissue consequence
rectal signals more and less
is totally degraded