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gothboykhost – thinking bout you (sky rose) lyrics


hey its been a minute (its been a minute)
ive been thinking bout you all night long (all night long)
i don’t care if i die tonight as long i talk to you once more (once more)
ask about my drug use whats that for (that for)
drop down to the floor (to the floor)
im just tryna soar (soar)
i cant take no more (no more)
you’re lodged in my heart girl your deep in my core (my core)
i pop a xan whenever i see you with another man (man)
just hold my hand cause i might just go kick the can (kick the can)
lets be together like danny & sam (danny & sam)
lets go to mars off a couple of grams (couple of grams)
run away with me don’t care bout your fam , don’t care bout your fam

dracomega & gothboykhost:

(yeah, yeah, yeah)
(yeahhhh, ayeee)

i been thinking bout you like all d-mn day
when i see you i don’t know what to say
i don’t mind putting the blame on myself but we were both selfish (selfish)
i can’t control all my anger sometimes it just get h-llish (h-llish)
i can see it’s way to much for you to handle (for you to handle)
kisses by the fireplace we would grip onto the mantle (onto the mantle)
spent so much time in my mind wishing i’d see you again (see you again)
i don’t wanna see you with other men (with other men)
girl no one is better than us (better than us)
i don’t wanna fight please don’t put a fuss (put up a fuss)
now i’m tossing and turning cause i can not sleep (sleep)
she put a knige through my heart and it’s cutting deep (deep)
there’s a hundred of ways to die (die)
in her head there are hundreds of lies (lies)
i could have sworn i’ve been in this place a hundred of times
if i died tonight girl just be honest you wouldn’t care (care)
girl that isn’t fair (fair)
my hearts in despair (my hearts in despair)