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goyrd – hometown hatred (feat. jade blxk) lyrics


yeah i know that n+gga he’s from where i’m from
we used to hangout and eat lunch with his mom
we haven’t kept up cause he act like a bum
if you saw how he move you’d see that he dumb

i don’t care what i say i wasn’t getting no love
in the city that i’m from you could say that it’s rough
i’m sick of these n+ggas they mom shoulda ate the cum
i’m sick of these n+ggas and that’s why i got a pole now

for the ones that do the most now
not the same ones that’s ghost now
them n+ggas ain’t getting no hand out
goyrd goyrd when you gonna put these n+ggas on man?

i ain’t no hometown hero i’ll get it back in blood
whеre was they at when i was stuck in thе mud
more hometown hatred than i got love
bro say now i gotta act like a thug

friends, family they ain’t giving no hugs
hide that feeling wrap it up in a rug

i’m getting sick of these hoes
p+ssy burnt up they hotter than a stove
no more walls that box like a cove
so much yeast you can bake a whole loaf

wait, wait
i’m getting sick of these hoes
wasting they life and getting white toes
switch they n+ggas then acting real bold
saying they worth it but the p+ssy is sold, wow

and these n+ggas is stupid
these n+ggas round me be acting real goofy
their life like a skit but they say it’s a movie
i really don’t get it but they say it’s a beauty
they on a n+gga d+ck but they swear they ain’t fruity
must get periods they acting real moody
passing these hoes they ain’t getting no cooties
but the stds gonna make them p+ss rubies

bling bling blow
bling bling blow

they ain’t showing no love in my city
smile in your face ain’t sh+t pretty
turn your back and they pulling out glizzies
these clowns is a joke no i’m not kidding

stuck on they mama these lil boys need some titties
names of sh+t they can’t get mercedes and bentlys
but these ain’t the suburbs nah b+tch we ain’t friendly

spending your blocks with the choppas and semis
please watch your kin they don’t care about children
if you was inside then we wouldn’t have hit them

oh man god d+mn thats f+cked up
k!lled your dog about a b+tch thats real dumb
saying it was for love but you know it’s l+st
f+cking with them rats you won’t get a crumb
say you flexing but begging b+tch you a bum
stank hoes smoking molly they can’t get enough
but your kids stay hungry so you can feel numb
asking the neighbors for candy and gum what the f+ck

blaming our parents for what we’ve become
if you play your cards right then you might see the sun
real dope game and you think this sh+t fun
untill he’s wearing a shirt with the face of your son

school back in session you ain’t got a hall pass
take a pen for your notes b+tch this is my class
might not know who about it till you cross they path
2 out of every 3 people soft so you do the math

i guess it depends who you f+ck with, friends turned to foe
you already know, knuck if you buck, b+tch let’s go
bout me and mines i’m on 10 toes

streets like medusa turned my heart to stone
water thicker than blood so you got to be cold
so when i’m next to blow hoe don’t call my phone
rolling in dough while you kneel at my throne

woke up to another victim
was a trial but no conviction
just some products of system
lowkey true but sh+t ridiculous

nah don’t run your mouth just listen
man you know your homie trippin
won’t say your name get no mention
don’t try to say i’m sneak dissing

y’all don’t deserve the recognition
i don’t know f+ck that
you can do what you want with that

you k!lled me in my own song huh that’s what we do?