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gr3ys0n – grimoire cypher lyrics


mystic elder maikis:
i don’t need no magic to be savage
ay ay break a wizard’s wand and his ass kicked
i get power from these bonds and my passion
those who try to prove me wrong haven’t lasted
i felt smaller than everybody
so now my soul holler at everybody
this next part’s for anybody, i need to warn you
don’t p+ss me off ‘fore i let off my demon form dude
pull up with the stick, pull up with the sword too
villain ten foot six, slash ’em and i’m four two
sleeve ain’t full of tricks
grimoire chose me, i don’t know why i was picked
work out plan on one punch man
it’s over when they let one punch land
got a two handеd sword in one hand
i’m mowing ’em down like thеy uncut land
i don’t need no magic ’cause i’m asta
taking down all these harry potter imposters

look me in the eyes so you can see that i’m battle crazed
messing with the bulls, it’s a bad day
you’ll meet your grave i’ll beat you to a pulp
hands quicker than lightning bolts, full on assault, blame me, this is my fault
smile just for mama even though she said i’m an outcast
looking at my class you can see that they were outclassed
any time of scrimmage, i’m with it, you will be outmatched
thunderclap whenever i rap, homie that’s not cap
yami gave me purpose and asked me for my service
so whenever i’m in battle i never come without courage
i fight because i want to, you’ll never see me be nervous
but i’m so d+mn excited, i know it’s gonna be worth it
i’ll surpass all my limits, this minute i’m gonna flourish
always fighting with rivals, he snaps back with a burner
attitude is concerning but that’s because i am learning
you can go and test your luck against luck, i’ll leave you hurting
dreaded yasuke:
you don’t wanna see my grimoire
end up having your family in the pulpit with a preacher reading your memoirs
which squad wanna team up with a prodigy? no star for the weak novelties
commonly known as unwanted in+laws, try to be the prophecy
i’m top official in the clover kingdom
i see them claiming not artificial but i need a refund
big dumb, i don’t care where you came from
even if royalty inside of your blood you still got the slums
you can see me on rooftops while destroying my lungs
training till the mood drops then the mood drops that’s when you need to run
ain’t no shiny knight
we ain’t chums unless it comes with a price
rule of thumb
better guard your life when i’m drinking jamaican rum
fit to fight, feel the luck of the draw, going right for your jaw
throwing lightning from across coinciding with my sauce
got your body subsiding on top of the moss, now watch me disappear in a fog
now take refuge in heaven while the ground is clapping cause this your epilogue

i’m a young black clover, lone wolf soldier
world on my shoulders, stand tall till it’s over
certified legend, stop selling me exposure
skinny body but my spirit’s stronger than an ogre
i ain’t got no magic just some ana and a chopper
origami, chop your body, serve you with some pasta
came from the bottom now we eating steak and lobster
shout out to otaku gang, a squad full of mobsters
i don’t want no problems ’cause b+tch we gone solve ’em
these old shadow clones and so like acid i dissolve ’em
y’all really ain’t sh+t to me, erase you out of history
why the f+ck you here? no idea, that sh+t’s a mystery
stomp you suckers out, i’m like the kool+aid man and mister t
cruising in my six four, banging to some easy e
real life asta, on the track, baka
little fish but the waifus call me big papa