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grand ole party – redrum heart lyrics


you came around from somewhere far away
i pulled you in after my shimmy-shimmy
oh but you wouldn’t gimme-gimme
oh but you wouldn’t gimme-gimme

your redrum heart
your redrum heart

instead we ran around, f-cked off, got crazy
we used the nights and spent the days hazy
as long as drink and drive were in effect
it didn’t take a lot to pick up on that
what else were you trying to do while you did me
didn’t it seem like you ought to go slower
it’s unfortunate we’ve gone and done it to death
but a duo so soured can only sink lower

driving up and down that busted boulevard
we had a date but i knew you wouldn’t make it
we had a groove but apparently you couldn’t take it
and what a shame i cannot seem to shake it

it’s the end of this thing called love
it’s time to celebrate and watch it burn
it’s the end of this thing called civility
it’s sad, the truth, the tide that turns
your redrum heart